Was it marketing that made the iPod successful?

10 03 2007

About barely 2-3 weeks ago, I bought an iPod Nano. Being a music junkie, I need to have something that I could carry with me that will keep me sane from commuting. I could have bought a non-iPod product but I want to have something with a slick design, small and unobstructive, and “just works”. Scouring the local tech sites, the local malls, and tech shops I finally decided to get an iPod. At first I was contemplating on getting a 30gig or 80gig video iPod, but it was too big for me, and I don’t find the video part of it important. So, I bought a 4gig iPod 1G black, yeah it’s a 1G, but it’s still working and beautiful. I heard horrors about using iTunes, but I don’t really mind, well it’s kinda resource hog especially when using the cool coverflow feature. Well so far, I’m pretty satisfied with it. As I said, I’m a techie kind of person, and it was not marketing (well partly) that leads me to buy an iPod, it was the beauty of it.