Mac dreamy

15 02 2007

It’s not about everyone’s favorite Grey’s Anatomy but rather about me wanting a Mac machine. Recently I’ve been trying to look for a really nice – well they are really nice machines – and affordable – well Mac’s price are outrageous in this pirate-infested country – Apple machine that can

  1. browse the net,
  2. play video files,
  3. play music files,
  4. do some office works,
  5. do some fun stuff (games or what-not)
  6. and (if the machine permits) do some programming.

And so having that objectives in mind, I look upon the trusty site. Techie and non-techie people who wish to buy gadgets should take a look at this site, through that site I bought a Palm TX which I gave to my girlfriend. Anyway, I was amazed to see iBook G3 sold as low as PHP15K and iBook G4 for PHP30K. It got me thinking, should I buy one of those knowing too well that the PowerPC architecture is as good as dead? For starters, the iBook G3 though pretty old is a nice bargain, at that price I could do at least 1-4 requirements for me. The real problem now is, can I do some programming. Searching the web, I found out that I can do some Java 5 programming with it, how sweet! Unfortunately, somehow already bought the iBook, poor me. And so now I’m back dreaming again of a Mac notebook, an Intel-based one.




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