Java is FREE!

14 11 2006

Best news of the day, Java is officially free! SUN just announced that they are releasing Java under GPL. The question is, what would be the impact of an free/open source Java to local developers? I say a lot. Lets breakdown the advantages.

1. Java is so prevalent in universities across the country that it is part of OOP’s curriculum. With this recent development, expect more schools – that are beginning to recognize open source software and with the upcoming FOSS Bill – to pick up Java as their main programming language. With free and one of the best IDEs available in the market today, Java can easily be picked up by computer science students with no hassle of buying *pirating* Visual Studio.NET.

2. Expect Java to be bundled with 100% Open Source software. No more hassles of downloading it, installing and then configuring it in Linux. And yeah .NET is also cross-platform via Mono but do you know anyone who is seriously coding in Mono in his day job? As much as I love .NET, Mono is not just viable for me. Those local programmers who have decided to move entirely to the Linux/*BSD world will find this development interesting.

3. OSS developers will begin scrutinizing the Java code and within days/weeks/months we will see faster Java development that will benefit the programmers and the users alike and that is a win-win solution for all of us.

In the end, to those who have said that Java’s time is up, well you’re wrong Java will not die and perish but will be here to stay. So local software developers who are in the Java field – I am right now – expect greater things for Java in the future.

P.S. Thanks SUN!




2 responses

13 02 2007
deacon frost

so what? java is a slowpoke…

13 02 2007

now that’s a problem of Java, the problem of misconception, for too long they have been perceived as slow, but Java 6 and the upcoming Java 7 has seen quite a speed improvement.

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